Top Physical Therapy Schools

Even though there are surveys which are used to give ranking scores to the various top physical therapy schools, it’s still best to only use the rankings as a general guide for determining which physical therapy school you should attend. There are some excellent online colleges that were not included in these results.


Top Physical Therapy Schools

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the school that will be best for your career path. Feedback from faculty and staff at these ranked schools is certainly valuable, but unless those schools match your particular situation and personal needs, it’s more important to look at the whole picture rather than just a poll when deciding which are the top physical therapy schools.

Physical Therapy Students Speak Out

When looking through various physical therapy blogs and forums, it’s quite apparent that most of the students rating their current or previously attended schools didn’t weigh the “peer assessed” rankings very heavily. Many students feel that their school was an excellent choice, even though it didn’t rank as one of the top physical therapy schools by its own faculty or staff.

A stroll through numerous blogs related to the top physical therapy schools reveals that the most important factors for current and graduating PT students when choosing the right PT school was:

School location
Program costs
Classes required
Available financing
National Exam pass rate (average first-time pass rate in the U.S. is about 85%)

Top Physical Therapy Schools – The Ranking Process

Top Physical Therapy Schools

The following list of schools was ranked by peer assessment surveys which were sent out to fully accredited physical therapy schools. Only those that were in good standing at the time were ranked.

It appears that not all schools returned their surveys, so it’s possible that schools that might have ranked highly had the surveys been returned do not even show up in the top physical therapy schools rankings below.

These surveys were sent to deans, administrators, and/or other faculty at each of these schools and they were asked to rate the quality of their school’s physical therapy program from 1 to 5.

The rating choices were:

5 = Outstanding
4 = Strong
3 = Good
2 = Adequate
1 = Marginal

Each respondent was told to select “don’t know” if they didn’t have sufficient knowledge to rate their school’s PT program.

The schools that did not score at least a 2.0 average are shown as “N/A” and are listed in alphabetical order rather than by rank.

These top physical therapy schools rankings are from the latest surveys available and are for the 2008 rankings. They include 199 physical therapy schools. Some of these schools may only offer physical therapy assistant programs.

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