Physical Therapy Schools in Virginia

Physical Therapy Schools in Virginia

The field of physical therapy is a promising career path that can begin at one of 5 physical therapy schools in Virginia. But physical therapy is a career that also requires a great deal of commitment in terms of achieving the appropriate level of education. A career as a Physical Therapist offers personal satisfaction and relatively lucrative compensation. That being said, you must commit yourself to an education plan which includes the achievement of at least a master’s degree through the completion of classroom and clinical studies. A Doctorate degree is the most common physical therapy degree these days.

The Doctorate program in physical therapy results in a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) credential. There are currently five physical therapy schools in Virginia that offer graduate level PT programs, located in Hampton, Arlington, Norfolk, Winchester and Richmond.  Following you will find more specific information about the available DPT programs, as well as details about the campuses and other attributes of the physical therapy schools in Virginia.

Physical Therapy Schools In Virginia

Department of Physical Therapy
Hampton University
Hampton, VA 23668
Phone    (757) 727-5260
Program Email

Hampton University’s DPT students enjoy the benefits of a top notch education and a beautiful, 285 acre campus located along the banks of the Hampton River. Forty weeks of clinical internships are required of students and those who attend Hampton University are offered ample opportunities during their second and third years to complete 8 and 16-week, full-time internships to satisfy this requirement. Additionally, 100% of graduates from Hampton’s DPT program pass their licensing exam, with the overwhelming majority doing so on their first try.

Marymount University

Physical Therapy Program
Marymount University
2807 North Glebe Road
Arlington, VA 22207-4224
Phone    (703) 284-5980

Marymount University in Arlington, VA accepts 35 students to its DPT program each fall, with about 88% of students graduating and 99% of those achieving licensure within three years of graduation. The campus is located in the Ballston Center region of Arlington and affords students much in the way of social amenities as well as educational opportunities.

The Marymount DPT program provides clinical exposure in the Washington metropolitan area in both part time and full time internship positions, including a full time, 12-week stint during the summer after the second year in the program, a part time, 8-week practicum during the third year, and a final, full time, 12-week assignment during the summer in the third year of the master’s program.

Old Dominion University

Program in Physical Therapy
Old Dominion University
3118 Health Sciences Building
Norfolk, VA 23529-0001
Phone    (757) 683-4519

Old Dominion University’s DPT program in Norfolk prepares students to not only be strong clinical practitioners of physical therapy medicine but to also easily assume leadership roles within physical therapy practices. The program accepts more than 40 students each fall, which puts the total number of students in the three year master’s degree path at about 120 at any given time.

Students in Old Dominion’s DPT school take an average of 18 credit hours per semester to complete their studies in three years and spend the second and third summers, as well as the final spring semester in the program, participating in clinical internships.

Shenandoah University

Division of Physical Therapy
Shenandoah University
333 West Cork Street
Suite 40
Winchester, VA 22601-3816
Phone    (540) 665-5520

Shenandoah University in Winchester is a private university affiliated with the United Methodist Church that accepts 40 students each fall. The three year program emphasizes clinical experience and gives its students the chance to immediately begin working on their clinical skills by participating in clinicals one day per week, every week during the first two years of their studies. During the summer between the second and third years in the program, students complete their first full time clinical internship. The spring and summer semesters of the third year are also spent in full time clinical internships.

Virginia Commonwealth University

Department of Physical Therapy
Virginia Commonwealth University
Medical College of Virginia Campus
Richmond, VA 23298-8022
Phone    (804) 828-0234

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond requires the completion of 36 weeks of clinical rotations, completed during five, full time clinical internships, with the first two occurring during the summer after the first and second years of study. The remaining three internships may occur anywhere in the country during the third year in the program. Of all the physical therapy schools in Virginia, VCU has the largest faculty, with 13 full time instructors teaching within the DPT program. Additionally, VCU accepts more students per year (54) than any of the other physical therapy schools in Virginia. The DPT program is located on the campus of the Medical College of Virginia and boasts a licensure and employment rate of 100% for graduates.

Admission Requirements For Physical Therapy Schools in Virginia

To gain admittance to physical therapy schools in Virginia, you must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0, and a GPA of about 2.8 or higher in your science courses. You must additionally have taken the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and achieved a score of 4.0 or higher within the Analytical Writing portion, with a math and verbal combined score of 900 or more.

Other requirements for admission to physical therapy schools in Virginia include two letters of recommendation, with at least one of those coming from a currently licensed and practicing Physical Therapist. Your graduate school application essay will also play a big part in your admittance to a master’s program. Appropriate prerequisite courses in undergraduate study must also have been completed, including classes in psychology, statistics, human anatomy and physiology, chemistry and physics.

Most physical therapy schools in Virginia require their applicants to have completed at least forty hours of volunteer work in the field of medicine, and those who focus their volunteer participation in the discipline of physical therapy are often given preference. A personal interview is additionally conducted with each applicant who is in the running for admittance and performance during that interview can weigh heavily on your acceptance for the DPT programs.

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