Physical Therapy Schools in Utah

Physical Therapy Schools in Utah

Even though there are not multiple physical therapy schools in Utah, It is still possible to get your DPT in State.  Although the job is demanding, the rewards of working as a physical therapist far outweigh the stresses. The vast majority of physical therapists enjoy their job immensely, often reporting that they couldn’t see themselves in any other occupation. The unique combination of physical and mental assistance which physical therapists offer truly makes this an occupation like no other.

If you’re considering becoming a physical therapist, one of your most important choices will be your school. Choosing an accredited school is an absolute must. Schools which are not accredited have not been approved to fully prepare students for the national certification examination. Attending a school which is not accredited is simply throwing your money away.

There is just one fully accredited physical therapy school in the state of Utah. This is common in states which are not densely populated.

University of Utah

Situated just ten minutes away from the bustling capital of Salt Lake City, the University of Utah gives students a very broad range of recreational activities both on- and off-campus. Salt Lake City offers everything you would expect from a major metropolitan area. Dining, entertainment, shopping, art, theater, opera and major-league sporting events are just a few of the exciting diversions you’ll find as a University of Utah student.

Life on campus is exciting as well. A wide variety of student activities are offered, including social and cultural organizations. Sports are a big part of life on campus, including football, basketball, soccer, golf and skiing. The campus is an impressive one, housing three major cultural destinations: the State Arboretum, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Natural History.

Situated in one of the best areas in the country for outdoor activities, students at the University of Utah will have access to some of the best skiing in the entire world. In fact, there are no less than eight ski resorts within a short drive from campus. These resorts are known the world over for superior skiing. Also available are biking, fishing, rafting and hiking, among many others. Simply getting outside and enjoying Utah’s breathtaking mountain views is a wonderful benefit of studying at this university.

In addition to its wonderfully diverse and exciting student life, the University of Utah’s PT program has some very impressive statistics. Over a three year average, an amazing ninety six percent of graduates pass the certification examination on their very first try. Even better, when it comes to finding work after graduation, employment rates are listed as one hundred percent over a three year average.

Students at the University of Utah have their choice of living arrangements. Dormitory facilities are available, and many off-campus housing opportunities are available at extremely reasonable costs.

Regardless of your interests, the University of Utah is a great place to earn your Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Currently no Master’s program is offered, but it’s widely agreed upon by experts that a Doctor of Physical Therapy will soon be the standard degree in this profession.

Physical Therapy Schools in Utah

Physical Therapy Schools in Utah


University of Utah
Department of Physical Therapy
520 Wakara Way, Suite 302
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84108
Phone: (801) 581-8681

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