Physical Therapy Schools In Texas

There are about 30 physical therapy schools in Texas that offer either physical therapist or physical therapist assistant programs.

As of the end of summer 2010, there were approximately 11,600 actively licensed physical therapists (PT) and 5,800 physical therapist assistants (PTA) in the state of Texas.

Though this may seem like a large numbers of therapists, according to the US government, the demand for both PTs and PTAs is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations.

This is partly due to the increasing elderly population, partly due to the demand for specialized rehabilitation therapies such as ones designed for heart attack and stroke victims, and greatly due to the fact that the population of Texas has grown by over 20% in the last ten years.

Physical Therapy Schools In Texas

One of the nice things about going to one of the physical therapy schools in Texas is that you can get your Physical Therapist Assistant degree in a small community like Wharton (population 9,000) or you can get your full Physical Therapist Doctorate degree in a big city like Houston (population 2,100,000).

After graduation from physical therapy schools in Texas, there are many opportunities in the work place including hospitals, rehabilitation or facilities, pediatric offices, public schools, and sports-medicine & other private practice clinics.

If you’re just starting out in your pursuit of a physical therapy degree from any of the physical therapy schools in Texas, make sure you check to see if the college or university you’re interested in offers any online courses. Some schools allow for some basic prerequisite courses to be taken via the Internet.

If you already have your Master’s degree and are a licensed Physical Therapist (or are about to obtain your license), there are even schools that have a transitional program that allow you to obtain your Doctorate degree with a hybrid combination of online and on-site training.

To see the complete list of physical therapy schools in Texas, click here.

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