Physical Therapy Schools in Oregon

Physical Therapy Schools in Oregon

Becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) in any state requires the previous completion of a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. Options for physical therapy schools in Oregon are more limited than in most other states, with only one DPT program offered in the state. You will have a range of schools from which to choose for completing your undergraduate studies, but when it comes to completing your Doctorate degree in the state of Oregon, Pacific University in Hillsboro is your only choice for an accredited program.

Undergraduate Studies

Those who wish to attend physical therapy schools in Oregon or any other state can complete their undergraduate degree in a discipline other than physical therapy. Typically, students will major in health science or a similar program during their undergraduate studies. Completing your bachelor’s degree in Oregon is no problem whatsoever, as there are a multitude of state, private and public colleges and universities that offer health science degrees and similar academic programs that will adequately prepare you for entering the DTP program at Pacific University.

Pacific University’s DPT Program


Physical Therapy Schools in Oregon

School of Physical Therapy
Pacific University
222 SE 8th Avenue, Suite 333
Hillsboro, OR 97123
Phone (503) 352-2846

The Pacific University School of Physical Therapy offers a doctoral education in a three year program which is intended to prepare students to immediately enter the workforce as skilled practitioners and clinicians in a variety of physical therapy practices, including private practices, hospital physical therapy departments, outpatient therapy clinics and long term nursing care facilities. The Pacific University DPT program additionally offers a well rounded physical therapy education that prepares students to work with patients in every demographic, including special groups like children, the disabled and the elderly.

During the second semester of the DTP program at this physical therapy school in Oregon, students begin to spend more and more of their time in the clinical setting, giving them the time and experience necessary to put their classroom studies to practical use in a work environment. Throughout the course of the three year program at Pacific University, students complete 36 weeks of focused clinical education in addition to their coursework in physical therapy medicine, professional ethics, administration and management, and other classes focused on make graduates capable of assuming direct patient care and leadership responsibilities.

Physical Therapy Schools in Oregon – The Hillsboro Campus

Pacific University’s main campus is located in Forest Grove, OR, a small town about 25 miles southwest of Oregon; however, the DPT program is housed on the Hillsboro campus of Pacific University at the College of Health Professions (CHP).  Several other medical professional programs share the CHP campus with the DPT, including the schools of Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant Studies, Dental Health, Health Administration and Occupational Therapy.

Pacific University’s Hillsboro campus offers students in the DPT program a combination of small town and big city amenities, being located in a charming small community but still so close to Portland. The campus additionally offers many cultural, athletic and social events and is located near some of Oregon’s natural attractions, as well, including several beaches and the Cascade Mountains.
Clinical Education

Physical therapy schools in Oregon and other states make clinical education a priority, ensuring that graduates are not only well versed in the book smarts of their medical discipline but experienced in providing direct patient care prior to graduation. Pacific University is affiliated with nearly 300 clinical facilities, giving students in the DPT program a variety of clinical educational experiences in distinctly different work environments.

Clinical exposure can be gained in hospitals, rehab centers, outpatient clinics, private practices and a number of other locations throughout Portland, the state of Oregon and across the United States. Additionally, those interested in gaining international exposure in the field will find these physical therapy schools in Oregon good options, as Pacific U. offers clinical experiences in two locations in Italy, one in Mexico and one in Nicaragua as well.

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