Physical Therapy Schools In Georgia

Attending one of the Physical Therapy schools in Georgia can lead to a very rewarding career as a Physical Therapist. There are 5 main Universities in Georgia that offer Physical Therapy Programs where you could study to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy, or complete a Physical Therapy Assistant certification. Either path offers good stable income and the job outlook is excellent for both positions.

Preparation For Physical Therapy Employment

In years past, it was possible to become a Physical Therapist with a Master’s Degree, but now it is necessary to obtain a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy (DPT) if you want to have a good chance of becoming employed after attending one of the Physical Therapy Schools in Georgia. Those who are already practicing as a Physical Therapist without a DPT are not yet required to go back and get their Doctorate, but it is possible that this requirement will come into play in the future. Continuing education would be a good way to prepare for the future for those who are already established as a PT with only a Master’s Degree.

Top Cities For Physical Therapy Jobs In Georgia

  • Atlanta
  • Augusta
  • Columbus
  • Savannah
  • Athens
  • Macon
  • Roswell
  • Albany
  • Johns Creek
  • Warner Robins

Physical Therapy Schools in Georgia Prerequisites

You can find complete information on Physical Therapy School Requirements here, but to summarize, you will want to make sure that you start with a Bachelor’s degree and make sure to include several courses in the sciences, physiology, anatomy, and biology. Of course you will also want to check with the College or University that you are planning to attend to find out the exact list of prerequisite courses and degrees for their Physical Therapy School. Many DPT Schools in Georgia also require at least a 2.5 to 3.0 GPA in order to pass.

Personal Skills Needed To Become A Physical Therapist

As with many other medical related jobs, Physical Therapists work very closely with their patients and while a surgeon has the luxury of working on a patient under anesthesia, DPTs work with patients who are not only awake, but often in pain or depression. Having good interpersonal skills is a great foundation for the making of a great PT. The ability to communicate well, and a lot of patience also go a long way in this field of medicine.

Georgia Schools That Offer Physical Therapy Training

Physical Therapy Schools In Georgia


Armstrong Atlantic State University
Department of Physical Therapy
11935 Abercorn Street
Savannah, Georgia  31419
Phone:  912-344-2580

Program Description: Armstrong Atlantic State University’s Physical Therapy Program requires 9 full semesters of in class training, and includes a minimum of thirty weeks of clinical practice on a full-time basis. Various clinical environments will be experienced. Students finish the program with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) degree and are then prepared to apply for a state license after passing the National Physical Therapy Examination.

The curriculum is presented in two phases. The first phase focuses on a systems approach incorporating cases in neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and cardiopulmonary and integumentary physical therapy, and classes are arranged so that diagnosis of a joint or system is taught concurrently with the anatomy, and pathology of that same system.

In the third semester, students will be expected to practice Case Management in a simulated clinic setting where they will be using their professional skills. After the completion of their first year, students will enter into an eight week clinical setting where they will put into use the material learned in year one.

After completing the eight week clinical experience, year two brings in a lifespan approach that includes childhood diseases, to age related ailments. After these in-depth classes, students move on to another eleven weeks of full-time clinical training environments.

Emory University Physical Therapy School


Emory University
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
1462 Clifton Road NE Suite 312
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
Phone: 404-727-4002
Alternate Phone: 404-712-5660

Program Description: Emory University’s Division of Physical Therapy boasts one of the highest rankings among Physical Therapy Schools in Georgia, and the US. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 50 to insure better one-on-one attention from the teaching staff. Emory has a reputation for excellence in their medicine and movement sciences departments, and a commitment to a problem solving curriculum. Emory requires that applicants have a minimum of 30 PT hours logged with a recommendation of 100 or more hours, and must be verified and signed by a licensed PT. Physical Therapy experience can be paid, volunteer, inpatient, or outpatient, and it is encouraged to obtain experience from multiple physical therapy settings. A minimum of 30 hours per setting is required in order to be counted.

A minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 2.8 is required, but the average for accepted students is 3.5. Program-specific pre-requisites average 3.10 or better. Georgia residents account for 30% of the last entering class, while 70% were from out of state.

Georgia Health Sciences University Physical Therapy Schools In Georgia


Georgia Health Sciences University
Department of Physical Therapy
Health Sciences Building (EC-1312)
987 St. Sebastian Way
Augusta, Georgia  30912
Phone:  706-721-2141

Program Description: Georgia Health Sciences University Physical Therapy School in Georgia is a 9 semester, 36 month program accepting 36 new students each May. The first time pass rate for the National Physical Therapy Examination is 97%. Over 90% of students in the program graduate, and 100% of graduates pass the National Physical Therapy Examination.

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program challenges gifted and hard working students to develop into well-rounded Physical Therapists. The school emphasizes compassion, the ability to lead, social responsibility, diversity, excellence, and professionalism. The state of the art research facilities are where the teaching takes place including a driving simulation lab, a cardio health and wellness lab, and a human movement science lab.

Mercer University Physical Therapy School


Mercer University
Student Affairs and Admissions Office
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
3001 Mercer University Drive, PAC-121
Atlanta, Georgia  30341
Phone:  (678) 547-6232

Program Description: The Physical Therapy program at Mercer University is a professional program lasting 8 semesters. Courses are offered at the Cecil B. Day Graduate and Professional Campus in Atlanta, Georgia. The students of Mercer’s physical therapy program benefit from clinical interactions with patients in the Physical Therapy clinic located on campus. Successful graduates leave with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. The average age of students in the program is 25 and the current average undergraduate GPA for entering students is 3.20 and the GPA for prerequisite courses is 3.30.

The faculty consists of 7 licensed Physical Therapists working as full-time core professors with one hundred and one combined years of clinical time, and seventy years of University level educating. As with most Physical Therapy Schools in Georgia, the school employs a force of part-time clinical assistants and associate professors.

North Georgia College State University Physical Therapy School


North Georgia College & State University
Department of Physical Therapy
82 College Circle
Dahlonega, Georgia  30597
Phone:  706-864-1863
Phone: 706-864-1422

Program Description: The Department of Physical Therapy at North Georgia College & State University admits 30 new applicants every year maintaining a total of 90 students in their three year professional Doctor of Physical Therapy curriculum. The program begins during the summer session and lasts for 3 years, 9 successive semesters, which is fairly consistent with most Physical Therapy Schools in Georgia.

Attending one of the 5 Physical Therapy Schools In Georgia could be your first step on the path to a rewarding physical therapy career if you have the diligence to keep your grades up and finish the training program.

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