Physical Therapist Salary

The typical Physical Therapist salary varies greatly from state to state and even from city to city within each state.

As of 2012, the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average Physical Therapist salary ranged fromĀ a low of $28.89 per hour ($60,090 annually) in Missoula, Montana to a high of $58.73 per hour ($122,160 annually) in the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission area of Texas.

Physical Therapist Salary

The national (mean) average Physical Therapist salary was $38.38 per hour, which is nearly $80,000 annually.

These salary figures do not take into account the number of years of experience each physical therapist had, so obviously new PT graduates will typically make less than these “average” salaries and seasoned veterans with years of experience will generally be able to make more than these averages.

It also doesn’t reflect whether each Physical Therapist holds a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree or a Doctorate degree in physical therapy. Note: you can no longer become a Physical Therapist with only a Bachelor’s degree. Even Master’s degrees are becoming less common. Some online colleges offer courses that can be applied toward your physical therapy degree.

A Physical Therapist Salary Varies By City & State

Physical Therapist Salary

Since living costs also vary greatly from state to state, you shouldn’t use these salary figures as the only determining factor to decide which state to work in. It can ultimately work to your favor to work in a particular state or city for less money when considering its housing costs and other cost of living factors.

The number of Physical Therapists working in each state ranged from a few hundred in Alaska to over 15,000 in California.

Top 10 Highest Paying Physical Therapy Salaries By State

State Average Hourly Wage Average Annual Salary
Nevada $47.03 $97,810
Alaska $44.23 $91,990
Texas $43.51 $90,500
New Jersey $42.44 $88,270
California $41.78 $86,890
Delaware $41.47 $86,260
Maryland $41.14 $85,570
Rhode Island $39.54 $82,240
Florida $39.45 $82,050
Connecticut $38.70 $80,490

Top 10 Lowest Paying Physical Therapist Salaries By State

State Average Hourly Wage Average Annual Salary
North Dakota $29.67 $61,720
Montana $33.71 $70,120
South Dakota $33.88 $70,470
Minnesota $34.57 $71,900
Colorado $34.62 $72,000
Vermont $34.67 $72,110
New Hampshire $34.74 $72,260
Missouri $34.86 $72,510
Idaho $35.06 $72,920
Kansas $35.58 $74,000

Top 10 Highest Paying Physical Therapist Salaries By City

State Average Hourly Wage Average Annual Salary
McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX
$58.73 $122,160
El Paso, TX $50.67 $105,400
Fairbanks, AK $50.12 $104,250
Midland, TX $49.39 $102,720
Sioux City, IA-NE-SD
$48.93 $101,770
Madera-Chowchilla, CA $48.65 $101,180
Sherman-Denison, TX $48.57 $101,120
Las Vegas-Paradise, NV
$47.65 $99,100
San Angelo, TX
$47.08 $97,930
Reno-Sparks, NV
$47.03 $97,820


Just because a particular state isn’t listed as one of the top paying states for a Physical Therapist salary doesn’t necessarily mean that specific cities within that state don’t pay well. Larger cities tend to pay better than smaller ones, unless it’s a wealthier community.

Notice that Sioux City is the 5th highest paying city in the USA, but the state of Iowa isn’t listed in the top 10 highest paying states.

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