Online Colleges

Believe it or not, there are some online colleges that offer courses that will help you get your degree online. Although you will usually need to take your first year courses at a local junior college, there are online colleges that will allow you to take many of  your second year courses using the internet.


More About Online Colleges

Online colleges make it possible for those with young children or limited resources to get a degree from home. While the choices are few, there are some quality online schools that you can choose from. Those looking for a career as a DPT will more than likely not be able to complete their training online, but those who are interested in the PTA degrees will be able to do much of their coursework using the internet.

Of course there will be some clinical time that you will need to perform, which for obvious reasons can not be completed online. Most online colleges require around 720 hours of clinical practice along with field trips to various work environments. Clinical time is required at certain intervals so that students can put into practice what they have just learned before moving on to new information.

Colleges That Offer Online Courses

There are 5 online colleges that are accredited by CAPTE and allow you to take online classes. The first is Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham Alabama, followed by GateWay Community College in Phoenix Arizona. In New Mexico you could contact San Juan College in Farmington. Ohio offers online courses through Clark State Community College in Springfield, and last but not least is Whatcom Community College in Bellingham Washington.

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